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ST Nails Series

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This product is round flat head straight line chain riveting. The mail point is tradition prismatic shape structure. It is application to international standard gas nail guns. The nail head diameter is 6-7mm, the nail body diameter is 2-2.2mm. The length of the nail has 18mm、25mm、32mm、38mm、45mm、50mm、57mm、64mm and many type specifications available for choice which is applicable for various kinds of modern decorating project. 

Gauge         13                      线    规:13GA

Diameter     :    2.2±0.01mm             线    径:2.2±0.01mm

Head         :    6-7±0.10mm            钉肩宽度:6-7±0.10mm  

Length       :    18mm 25mm32mm 38mm       长:18mm 25mm32mm 38mm
45mm 50mm 57mm 64mm            45mm 50mm 57mm 64mm  


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