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Coil Nail

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The utility model is composed of a group of single nails with equal shapes and equidistant arrangement, and the connecting piece can be copper plated iron wire. The length of the nail has 25mm、38mm、40mm、45mm、50mm、55mm、60mm、67mm and other many type specifications available for choice.

Length          : 1"-3.5"                  长度  1“-3.5”  
  Diameter        : BWG14-BWG10         
直径  BWG14-BWG10                   

Materia         l: Q195 wire   rod             材质  Q195线材                  

Surface   treatment: polished, electric        表面处理:抛光,电镀锌
   galvanized/hot galvanized dip   coating                 

Thread         : twisted, plain shank,      螺纹  :扭曲,扁平柄,环形柄  

ring   shank  


Screw Nails

The most striking feature in appearance is the head shape, the split line fine tooth drywall screws and the single row coarse tooth drywall screws.

Material: carbon steel   1022A/SWRCH22A         :碳钢1022A / SWRCH22A 

Main size: 3.5x25mm,   3.5x35mm             主体尺寸 3.5x25mm3.5x35mm

Usage: can drill different   thickness                 :可以钻不同长度螺丝的

gypsum board with different length screw         不同厚度的石膏板

length:13mm-50mm                              13mm-50mm

Thread: 17 threads                              17



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