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The width on top of the product is 10±0.1mm. The length of the product is 4mm、6mm、7mm、8mm、10mm、12mm、14mm and many other type specification. The surface  adopts copper plating technology, which has rust protection, fashionable characteristics.

Gauge         22                       线    规:22GA                 

Diameter     :    70±0.01mm              线    径:70±0.01mm

Outside Crown :  11.2±0.10mm              钉肩宽度:11.2±0.10mm  

Thickness     :    0.52±0.02mm            钉杆厚度: 0.52±0.02mm

Width        :    0.84±0.01mm            钉杆宽度:0.84±0.01mm

Length       :    6mm 8mm10mm 12mm         长:6mm 8mm10mm 12mm
            14mm 16mm                      14mm 16mm   

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